Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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New things for the shop

For our revamp we are getting all new business cards, new bumper stickers, soon a new flyer will be out for the public and all sorts of new things in the shop.

Today we are waiting for our friends at Empire to come with samples for the new carpet we are installing in the front room and along the work benches to ensure safe passage of our TVs. Our business cards and bumper stickers haven't come in yet but according to VistaPrint, it is in progess.

If you haven't yet seen them, we have a few ads running on The one I am most proud of is the Valentine's Day ad where I posted a picture of a heart made out of capacitors. We often post ads in the bargain section about TVs, so if you're ever looking for a great deal on a TV, check the bargain section of that website or you can just call us directly at 989.401.5550. Don't panic if you don't get an answer right away. Sometimes we are on service calls or dealing with clients and cannot answer the phone if we are dealing with people directly. Many people still find it rude to take a call over a human conversation, especially if you are at their house doing work.

A heart made out of capacitors for our Valentine's Day ad.
I will be posting photos once we get the front room carpeted and totally redone. Thank-you to all of our clients who are being patient while we remodel and get their parts in. Have a great week !!!