Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Akai PT5492 and Samsung HLS4666

An Akai PT5492 was recently brought in with some convergence problems.
Convergence is how the colors that are reflected onto the television screen appear to the viewer. In these televisions there are three tubes, red, blue and green. Sometimes you can fix the convergence with the remote and the manual.This one in particular needed the television fluid replaced and a new blue tube.

Generally speaking, these sets have issues with convergence because they are older projection televisions and will need the ethylene glycol (television fluid) that cools the tubes within, changed. Often times, they may need their convergence chips changed as well. 

In electronics, it's important to understand that designers are constantly trying to find ways to make their products lighter, with better quality and with the ability to minimize heat exposure to the parts inside of the product. Heat warps things, causing the product to stop working.   Heat can be caused by lamps, capacitors, outside components such as heat vents, shorted circuits or general functioning.

Consequently, we also have a Samsung HLS4666 in the shop that needs a color wheel and a lamp replaced. In my previous article about the Sony DLP's I explained how the color wheel is a superior design to the Sony light engine because the color "wheel" acts not only as a color device but also as a cooling element.

This was another attempt to reduce heat and improve product quality. It is cheaper to fix than the tube-style designs and clearly a better design than the Sony light engine because it acts as a built-in cooling element.

The interesting part of this article is that they both have distributors in Australia. The Anyware Corporation has offices located in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as Australasian PC Distributors, Brightpoint Australia and Synnex Australia.

Further research into these companies is necessary for a broad spectrum report on how the laws about production operate in Australia. For more info regarding these companies, visit

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