Saturday, January 28, 2012

Electronics Repair Costs

One day we became a little curious as to what our competitors were charging clients for repairs and service calls.

I started calling around to compare prices and this is what I found:

To repair a flatscreen TV most places in the Saginaw area told me I would have to bring the TV into their shop. Here is a list of their prices as we found out.

Company                                                               Service Call                              Labor
BTV                                                            $88.50                                       Bring in;Free Estimate
BE                                                               $75.00                                       $50 to check;apply
                                                                                                                                 toward repair
STV                                                            $89.00                                       $50 to check;  
                                                                                                                                 General repair
PTV                                                            Couldn't get an answer
GE                                                              No clear answer                          $50 to check, apply
                                                                                                                                 toward repair

Many electronics stores don't repair televisions and there were even situations where they would not do a service call to even look at the TV.  We do offer service calls to come and check your TVs and appliances. Sometimes we do end up having to take the hardware back to the shop but not always. For an initial service call to come to your house and check your TV we charge $69.95. We base labor prices on what exactly needs to be done and cost of the parts. For an estimate, call 989.401.5550.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where in the world is Mis-ter Pick-ett???

In case any of the clients have been wondering, "Where is Mister Pickett?"...

I can tell you.

We have been seriously running our tails all over Saginaw.

Listen, we have one distributor in the tri-city area and they are in Bay City. When we want to order parts we have to go online, search the other TV places that we do business with or drive to Bay City for them. Often times we do have the parts but when we are talking about entire boards or lamps, that's when it gets complicated.

Or for instance, we are having all of these stereo systems going cupoot on our clients. Aiwas tend to be coming through the door like it's the Macy's Day Parade. However, these systems are so old that the parts are almost impossible to come by. I can't even find the part on the Panasonic website for my very own six-CD changer and I even called the company!!!

So, if anybody is wondering, we are around. We are scouring the different dimensions in hopes of finding every part for every person that passes into our TV world.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Working smart

Mr. Pickett has a catch phrase that he consistently uses, called, "working smart."

It actually used to irritate me...but I think he's got something here.

As you glance around the shop you will see TVs upon TVs sitting one atop another and you start to think to yourself, "If Mr. Pickett is the only one that was here this afternoon, how in the heck did that 60" DLP get on top of that other DLP?"

I know for sure I could not lift that thing. It would come crashing down right on top of my head. No questions asked. One time I came in and found a similar situation, only he had put a TV on top of one of our work tables by himself.

Now let me tell you a little bit about Mr. Pickett. He might be 180 pounds soaking wet. He's not a body builder. Sure, he's got muscle but if you look at these TVs and you see his tall, medium build, you would agree that to lift these TVs seems like a small miracle.

So as I sit here today, he is once again moving TVs around to find sets to toss to the TV gods in the sky. Then he says to me, in his quirky little way that he does, "Now see what I mean about 'working smart'?"

I turn around and he's got a 60" DLP and carefully sliding it from atop one TV set to the next moving it across the room.

That is one of the pitfalls of this business. There is extreme heavy lifting. You have to find ways to maneuver large, awkward objects in a way that gets them where they need to be without hurting yourself or damaging the product.

What it comes down to is simple mechanics. In third grade science we learn about levers, pulleys and inclined planes. We use these simple mechanics everyday to keep from injuring ourselves.

For example, we have push-carts, a dolly, bath towels, boards and other maneuvering devices around the shop that help us to work with TV sets and other large appliances.

When I first met Mr. Pickett, I would have to say within the first week I was tired of the catch phrase "working smart" but inside this shop, it is starting to make sense.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Revamping the shop

Previously, we posted photos of the tv-chop-shop out back. Now for the reason.

Pickett and Son TV is currently undergoing some renovations that will ultimately help the shop continue to flourish. The first thing we have to do is clear out any sets that are not of any use to us. Second, we need to install some new work benches, a new door, some shelves and turn our show-room into something snazzy.

In the future, we intend to get some new office furniture to make it a little more comfortable for us when we are on breaks or for clients when we are discussing business. What we have right now is functional but we want our tv shop to be the best tv shop around. We have the skills to make the grade, now we just want to be able to present that to the world.

Thank-you to all of the people who are making this possible. Thank-you for your business. Thank-you for your patience and most of all, thank-you for choosing Pickett and Son TV!!!