Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wall up. Window in.

The wall as we left it Tuesday night.
Today was a great day for us.

We got a new front window and have the wall most of the way up for the new office area.

I didn't really see the point in taking a photo of the new window, as it looks exactly like the old one did, just no sharp edges. I did take some photos of Mr. Pickett putting up the new wall for the office.

We are still hauling out old items. I am still putting together donations for the preschool if anyone is interested in throwing in a few odd electronics and old, dull, and I emphasize DULL, tools for the kids to practice with.

The shop is open. We are taking clients by appointment only at this time due to all of the construction. If you have a tv or appliance that needs to be brought in, call and we will make arrangements to meet with you in between remodeling.

The frame is up, next, drywall and paint.
Thank-you for your interest and business!!!                              

              Pickett and Son TV

Mr. Pickett marking the
 next spot to build onto.